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Garage Door Adjustment

Garage Door Adjustment
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Torsion Spring Fix

Garage Door AdjustmentIs your automatic garage door difficult to keep closed right after it has been installed? Or has it become hard to open? These signs suggest that the unit is out of balance. Adjusting the spring will solve the problem. Count on us at Garage Door Repair Pleasanton to do this job professionally and safely in the shortest time. Our work begins with testing to confirm the cause of the problem. The test involves lifting the unit until it is halfway open after the opener has been disconnected. Swift upward movement reveals that there is a need for reducing the tension in the spring. Rapid closing shows that the tension has to be increased. We’ll adjust the spring with perfect accuracy and test the door again to ensure that it works flawlessly.

Opener Force Adjustment

There are different signs revealing that the opener’s force doesn’t correspond to the door’s weight. The unit may hit the floor upon closing. The rail holding the drive could be bowed. You should not put up with this problem as the motor and hardware will be straining and this will increase the risk of damage. Turn to us to get a full professional solution. We’ll adjust the force with precision to ensure that the door closes smoothly. Rely on us to fix the rail too. Garage door adjustment is also part of our maintenance service designed for systems of all ages and brands. We run tests on both the opener and spring and fix them accordingly whenever needed. 

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