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Garage Door Repair Services
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Quick Motor Fix

Garage Door Repair ServicesWhy is the garage door opener making that grinding noise and refusing to lift the door? The main gear transferring power from the motor to the drive is most probably broken. Count on us to replace it with a precisely matching one quickly. What if the motor is completely silent? Our first job is to check if it’s getting power. If it doesn’t, we’ll replace the faulty component that is preventing this from happening, be it the wiring or the circuit board. If the motor gets power, but doesn’t run, we’ll fix it or replace it. Our garage door repair services cover openers of all types and brands. Rely on us to fix not only the motor, but also the trolley, rail and safety sensors. Often, our solution involves readjusting the travel limits and force to ensure smooth, safe and energy-efficient performance. 

Broken Cable Replacement

If the door is jammed and hangs on one side, one of the lift cables that belongs to the spring system is most probably broken. For quick and accurate replacement, rely on our team. We’ll come to you quickly, and in the meantime, you should refrain from opening and even touching the door. Disconnect it from the opener right away. Our job is to remove the broken cable and to install the new one, which has the same length and attachment as the original. At Garage Door Repair Pleasanton, we always run full inspection of the tracks to see if the misalignment of the door has caused any bending. Count on us for bent track repair on the spot if such an issue is found. 

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