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Looking for a source of valuable information and advice on garage doors? Our blog page has posts on a wide range of important topics. Learn how you can avoid trouble and improve the performance, safety and security of your door.

Are We Safer With New Openers?

Find out what really makes a garage door opener safer when we explore the balance between maintenance and technological advances.

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Why Avoid DIY Garage Door Repairs

DIY Garage Door Repairs may seem like a viable option until you discover these real hazards associated with inexperienced workmanship.

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Liftmaster and Genie Blend Functionality alongside Practicality

Find out why we think both Liftmaster and Genie provide the best range of garage door options for home owners.

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Watch Out for Rust on Your Garage Door

Rust can really take its toll on your garage doors, especially in damp or coastal areas. Here’s how you can make sure yours are fine.

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Recognizing Torsion Spring Issues

Learn how to pinpoint problems with torsion springs and what solutions they require.

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The Role of Torsion Springs in Garage Doors

The garage door stands tall, and unwavering, and everyone is in awe of the way it swings open and close but little is known about its mechanism.

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