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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Read the testimonials of our customers to find out what they think about our garage door services and about our company in general. We are more than happy to share the opinions of people who have entrusted us with repairing, installing and maintaining their automatic systems.

Quick Spring Replacement

“When I tried to open my automatic garage door in the morning, it refused to move although the opener was working as usual. I had the number of this repair service from my next-door neighbor. They picked up the phone instantly and sent a technician to fix my door. He discovered that the torsion spring was broken in seconds and replaced it with a better one. After completing the work, he tested the door and everything was fine. This is the most reliable service I’ve ever used and the most affordable too. I’d like to thank Garage Door Repair Pleasanton candidly for the quick spring replacement.”

Excellent Garage Door Installation Service

“I had some extra money left after home renovation and decided to get a new garage door installed. I got quotes from several companies and picked this service provider because they offered the best value for money. The guys were very friendly and explained everything about the door structure, panel insulation and materials. I got a great door at an affordable price with their help. The installation job was completed in very little time. The service included even the adjustment of the opener to work with the new door. I can confidently recommend Garage Door Repair Pleasanton.

The Best Opener Motor Repair

“All I could hear was a grinding noise while my garage door wouldn’t move. I panicked, but searched the web for an emergency service right away. I found these guys. I was relieved when they answered the phone immediately. The technician came over very quickly and discovered the cause of the problem without wasting any time. He repaired the motor by changing an internal component. He also made some adjustments to the opener. In the end, everything went back to normal. I give this professional service the highest score there is for their outstanding opener repair. I’d hire them again, if needed”

The Perfect Bent Track Fix

“No matter what I did, I couldn’t get my electric garage door to close properly. I asked a friend who is very tech-savvy for help and he recommended this repair company. I got help later the same day. The technician arrived on time and got down to work immediately. He found that the door was jammed because of a bent track. The repair took him very little time. During the test, the door ran much smoother than before. I couldn’t believe how quick and effective the service was. If you ever need a fix for hardware parts, I recommend this company for the job.”

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