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Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic Garage Doors
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Professional Opener Repair

Automatic Garage DoorsMost people have automatic garage doors in their homes and use them several times every day, but don’t realize the convenience they enjoy. You just need to push a button and the door opens or closes. But what if the opener doesn’t work properly and the door refuses to go up or down? This is where we come in. Count on us to run inspection and testing to identify the cause of the problem. If the trolley or the main gear is broken, we’ll replace it with a new one without delay. If the problem is with the wiring, rely on us to fix it equally well. In case the motor or the circuit board has failed, we will set a new component in the place of the old one. Our company works with all opener brands and models without exception.

Quick Panel Replacement

Both steel and wood doors require painting at the time of installation unless this job has been done by the manufacturer. Regular repainting should help to keep them in good condition. If damage occurs, however, timely repair is paramount. Rely on us to restore rust panels with safe rust removal techniques and materials. We, at Garage Door Repair Pleasanton, fix wood panels which have begun to rot equally well. Our technique involves removing the decayed wood and using filler and sealant to make the door strong and good-looking again. When a panel is damaged beyond repair, count on us to replace it with a new one of the same size and design. We’ll change the rollers and hinges too, if needed.


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