Garage Door Adjustment Pleasanton


We are Garage Door Repair Pleasanton.  That may not mean much to you now or ever unless you need help with your garage door or its related products.  We are a garage door service that specializes in maintenance.  Yes we install and replace garage doors, garage door openers, garage door remotes, and other garage door parts, but we are interested in helping our neighbors keep their garage doors and parts working properly.  This in the long run helps save the homeowner money so you could say we are in the business of saving you money too.  Garage Door Repair Pleasanton is your garage door maintenance service.


Garage door maintenance deals with keeping all your garage door working parts working.  This may be more difficult than you may think since a garage door has so many working parts.  It means making the minor adjustment before a more major repair needs to be done.  By doing this you can save money which is very important in these economic times and that is not lost on us.  It also means that your garage door and garage door marts may last longer than expected.  Garage Door Repair Pleasanton can help you achieve these things.


We do this by offering garage door inspection.  Think of it as a check up for your garage door.  You should really do this for every part of your home every once and a while, but we can help you in this area.  We come out and check everything that involves your garage door.  This means the door itself, the garage door opener, the garage door remote, the garage door springs, the garage door cables, and the garage door track.  If we find anything that needs to be worked on we will suggest the right garage door adjustment for you.  This could mean a minor repair, a major repair, or replacement.  Whatever we suggest we can also do for you.  We do the fix garage door service you need.


Garage door troubleshooting involves more than just inspection.  It also involves servicing parts before they wear out or break.  Springs and cables can benefit from regularly maintenance lubrication to slow this wear and possible tear down.  Our staff at Garage Door Pleasanton can do this service annually for you and perhaps extend the life of these parts so that they do not need replacement too soon which can be costly.


Who wouldn't rather do a minor adjustment on their garage door and garage door parts as opposed to a major repair or replacement?  That's how we feel too.  Call Garage Door Repair Pleasanton to schedule your garage door inspection or garage door maintenance service today.  Our number is 925-201-5452.    Of course our online site goes into detail about what services we offer so check that out too and then come on in.